Metal punches

Simrantools International, industry leader and a leading supplier of metal punches from india  . We have all of the tools and expertise you are looking for.

Simrantools engaged in manufacturing and marketing of high quality Punches from the last few yearsThe company today internationally known as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of tools all over the world.

Range of punches?

Simrantools  have most affordable metal punches such as center punches( round and square head),  pin punches,  steel stamps, hollow punches

and much more like automatic center punch, nail punches( round and square head), utility tranfer punch, utility punch, taper punches ,brass punches

What is its use?

Punches , tools usually in form of a short rod of steel that is variously shaped at one end for different operations (such as forming, perforating, embossing, or cutting)

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