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Simran Tools International

It is a very rare occasion in one company’s lifespan to have coveted honor of authoring a foreword, for a enterprise that has not only endured the test of time, but has over 2 decades, stood steadfast in its resolve to carry on its business, just as zealously and impeccably as we did.


Following the pursuit of excellence, various steps that we initiate are-


Manufacturing Process:- In order to offer a faultless range of products, we ensure to carry out a procedural manufacturing process. We undertake various steps commencing from the conceptualization till the finish to make sure that our products are with zero defects. In terms of manufacturing goals it evolves various aspects, which when broken into elements can be summarized as increased product quality, reduced lead times, reduced use of labour, reduced production cost, and an innovative product design. We are always keen to make a transition from a single purpose machines to a multi functionality machine which is capable of executing a wide range of tasks within a single setup.


Research & Development :- We are always furnished with comprehensive market knowledge by our in-house Research & Development department through their detailed market survey. This assists us in developing products which are in sync with ever-growing market demands. It also helps us in staying in touch with the evolving manufacturing trends and focus on the new, better and safer technologies.


Skills and Technology :- We turn ideas into successful products at a quicker rate. Each of our products are meticulously crafted by innovative and skillful craftsmen so as to perform to the stringent criteria of Elegance, Durability & Quality. We amplify the use of technology to increase productivity and decrease process cycle time.


Resourceful Framework for Our Products :- Leveraging on our streamlined infrastructural facilities, we manufacture the most sophisticated products. We are equipped with spacious factory unit wherein we encompass all the facilities which are required for qualitative production. We have a continuous innovation across all the disciplines and phases of product lifecycle.


Quality: Crucial Aspect :- All the products are consistently checked and tested. Having a pool of quality conscious team, we have been maintaining quality through out our manufacturing processes. As purity and perfection of the products holds the utmost significance, we pay extra attention while procuring the raw materials. We follow a Total Quality Management system at our organization. We to scrutinize each step of the manufacturing process, from procurement to shipment. Stringent quality checks are conducted at each crucial level to maintain high quality standards.


Customization :- Since we serve an industry, which is running as per the customer’s preferences and requirements, we take immense pride in offering them a piece as per their choice. We have trained ourselves to handle any of our customer’s requirements with timely execution at all levels. We take into account our client’s suggestions, specifications and requirements while designing and developing our products. We customize products as per your needs keeping in mind its dependent ability, accuracy and a true value for your money. Not only standard requirements but also tailor made solutions can be easily developed for all the conceivable needs.


Customer Satisfaction :- Over the years, we have flourished and excelled in our business because of complete client satisfaction. Our unmatched artisanship and efficient services has earned us a wide client base in national market. Our boundless ability enables us to meet with the specific needs of the clients and we make sure that we meet the stipulated period. Finding an increased ratio for products, we are committed to offer innovative designs and high quality products to our esteemed clients. Today our customers have become our friends and we have become more than just a good business deal for them.


Future Goals :- To succeed one must create highly innovative products and take them to market quicker then the competitors. We are set to mesmerize masses with a wide range of products that are fascinating in addition and distinct. A dynamic approach and a creative strategy are laying down foundation of our success for the coming years. Catering to individuals with different needs and keeping an eye on their budgets we will designed a wide range of products to target a wide spectrum of masses. We will continue to focus a leveraging capability to improve the performance of our customers operations to deliver additional value to them. Our purpose is to stand out from the crowd and bring out a wide collection of tools that are chic, refined and mostly importantly exclusive to the user.


Our dream is to take our company to a greater height, which will make our ancestral legacy proud on us.

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